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Russia Investigation

WH Spox Cites His Uber Driver to Say Americans Are Tired of Russia Investigation

GOP Rep. Surprises CNN’s Keilar by Likening Russia Investigation to Birtherism

Roger Stone Says Trump is ‘Crazy’ to Meet With Mueller: ‘It’s a Death Wish’

Trump Calls For GOP to ‘Take Control’ of Russia Probe: ‘Witch Hunt…Continues’

Scaramucci on Trump/Russia Investigations: ‘I Really Don’t Think He’s Worried,’ But He Is ‘Frustrated’

Trump Insists He’s Not Planning to Fire Robert Mueller: ‘No, I’m Not’

Trump’s Legal Counsel Claims Robert Mueller ‘Unlawfully’ Received Transition Team Emails

Fusion GPS Co-Founder Met With Russian Lawyer Hours Before and After Donald Jr. Rendezvous

Someone Put a Robert Mueller Jack-O-Lantern on Paul Manafort’s Doorstep

TBT: Paul Manafort’s Guilty Non-Answer on Trump’s Russian Financial Ties

RNC Reports Spending Over $400,000 On First Family Legal Fees Despite Trump’s Reported ‘$10 Billion’

Gen. Michael Flynn Emerges From Twitter Hibernation to Beg For Money

Russian Politician Seems to Admit Kremlin Rigged US Election: ‘Russian Intelligence Stole the President’

Flynn’s Lawyers Cite ‘Escalating Public Frenzy’ as Reason for Not Cooperating With Russia Investigation

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