Letterman Asks Maddow About Romney, Dogs On Roofs, And Todd Akin In Wide-Ranging Interview

ABC’s Jake Tapper Confronts Obama Advisor Over President’s Reference To Romney Dog

‘Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro!’: New Devo Song Viciously Mocks Romney For Strapping Dog To Car Roof

Goldie Taylor Rips Tucker Carlson For Bathing In ‘Filth And Bigotry Of Fringe Right-Wing Propaganda’

The Five Chews On Obama’s Dog Meat Scandal

Dana Perino Claims Diane Sawyer’s First Question To Mitt Romney Was About Putting Dog On Car Roof

Mitt Romney Refuses To Answer Hannity’s Question About President Obama Eating Dogs

Dogs Against Romney Defends Obama Over Dog Consumption Revelations

Ann Romney To Diane Sawyer On Tying Family Dog To The Car Roof: ‘The Dog Loved It’

New Poll Suggests Dog-On-Car Story Not Hurting Mitt Romney…Yet

Santorum Adviser Calls Mitt Romney ‘Barack Obama Lite,’ Whacks Him Over Dog On Car

David Axelrod Tweets Photo Of President Obama’s Dog Inside Car In Veiled Jab At Romney

Rachel Maddow Explains Why The Romney ‘Leaving Dog On Top Of Car’ Story Has ‘Legs’

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