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Dem Strategist Pummels Seb Gorka After He Claims Immigration Policies Prove Trump’s ‘Compassion’

Seb Gorka Calls Trudeau ‘Childish’ and Praises Peter Navarro’s ‘Special Place in Hell’ Comment

Seb Gorka Mocks ‘Clown’ Dennis Rodman For Attending North Korea Summit: He’s a ‘Glory Hound’

Lou Dobbs Bizarrely Scolds Mike Pompeo For Disrespecting Trump With Use of First Person Singular

Seb Gorka Congratulates Hannity for ‘Living Rent Free’ in the ‘Obsessed’ Liberal Media Mind

Fox’s Seb Gorka Rips Media For North Korea Coverage: ‘Lack of Self Awareness’ Is ‘Incredible’

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Somehow Finds Way to Invoke Obama in Rob Porter Scandal

Lou Dobbs and Seb Gorka Personally Beg Trump to Release the Memo ‘Unredacted and Unchanged’

Ex-Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Reportedly Wanted on Gun Charges in Hungary

Seb Gorka Mauls Jeff Flake Over Anti-Trump Speech: ‘An Embarrassment to All That is Good and Wholesome’

Seb Gorka Just Challenged Me to a Fight Over Email and I Accepted

Seb Gorka Compares Hillary to Treasonous Rosenbergs: ‘Those People Got the Chair!’

Seb Gorka: Trump’s ‘Platform Was Make America Great Again, Not Make the GOP Great Again’

Richard Painter Demands Trump Fire Seb Gorka and Steve Bannon Over Charlottesville Violence

Fox News Host Confronts Gorka For Undercutting Tillerson: ‘Forget Backstabbing,’ You ‘Frontstabbed’ Him

Tapper Dings Seb Gorka for Undermining Tillerson: ‘Just a Bizarre Turn of Events’

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