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Spike Lee Has Heated Debate With Ex-NFL Player Michel Faulkner Over Kaepernick: He ‘Should Have a Job!’

Spike Lee Thinks Even More NFL Players Plan to Kneel This Sunday: ‘It’s a Battle of Wills’

‘Smells MAD Fishy to Me’: Spike Lee Blasts NFL Teams For Not Signing Colin Kaepernick

‘We Need a House-Cleaning’: Bernie Sanders and Spike Lee Discuss Where Dems Went Wrong

Spike Lee: Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Was ‘In the Same Tradition’ of Muhammad Ali

Spike Lee Holds Massive Block Party in Brooklyn to Celebrate Prince

Spike Lee Compares Each 2016 Contender to One Of His Famous Characters

Listen to Spike Lee’s Radio Ad in Support of Sanders: Bernie Will ‘Do the Right Thing’

Will Smith Will Not Attend Oscars, Says Nominees Reflect ‘Disharmony’ in America

Daily Mail Reporter: This Year’s Black Actors and Filmmakers ‘Aren’t of That High Quality’

Spike Lee Clarifies Views on Oscars Drama, Plans to Skip Ceremony for Knicks Game

Fresh Prince Actress Calls Out Jada Pinkett-Smith Over Oscar Ceremony Boycott

Boyz n the Hood Director Dismisses ‘White Oscars’ Controversy: ‘There’s Only So Many Slots’

Spike Lee to Boycott Oscars Because They’re Too White

Spike Lee Goes Off On Chris Hayes About Black-On-Black Crime

Spike Lee Bashes Donald Trump, Says He’s ‘Like Hitler’

Rahm Emanuel Has a Problem with Spike Lee’s Movie Titled Chiraq

Spike Lee on Oscars Snubbing Selma: ‘F*ck ‘Em’

Once Again, Race and Gender Factor into Everything, Including Oscar Snubs

Spike Lee: ‘There Is a War on the Black Male’ in America

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