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Stephanie Cutter

Stephanie Cutter Fired Only Hours After Being Hired by MSNBC, NBC

Former Obama Aide Stephanie Cutter Joins NBC News, MSNBC

How to Resuscitate CNN’s Crossfire, Again

CNN’s Stephanie Cutter Reluctantly Agrees with Erick Erickson

Crossfire’s Cupp and Cutter Battle Over Which Party Is Obstructing Progress

Crossfire Host Grills Perry: ‘Are You Saying Homosexuality Is a Disease?’

Crossfire Tackles Talk Radio v. Cantor: Did Voters ‘Nominate Laura Ingraham’?

Ben Carson Stands by America as Nazi Germany Analogy on Crossfire

S.E. Cupp on Huckabee Controversy: ‘Never Seen Lazier, More Intellectually Dishonest Analysis’

Rick Santorum Can’t Quite Defend Huckabee’s ‘Libido’ Comments

DNC’s Wasserman-Schultz and RNC’s Priebus Shout Past Each Other in Epic Crossfire Showdown

Stephanie Cutter Hits Bush on Crossfire: Obama’s Apology ‘More Than We’ve Gotten in the Past’

Huh? CNN’s Stephanie Cutter: Christie’s Victory Represents ‘Rejection of Republican Party’

Crossfire’s Stephanie Cutter Grills ‘Hard-Liner’ Steve King: ‘Have You Learned Nothing?’

David Limbaugh Battles Bill Burton Over Obama’s Legacy on Crossfire: ‘You Ought to Be Ashamed!’

Media Shamefully Silent After White House Links GOP to Terrorists

Gingrich Accused of Failing to Disclose Campaign Contributions on Crossfire (UPDATED)

CNN’s Stephanie Cutter Targeted by Progressive Group for Her Ties to Obama White House

Background Checks vs. More Guns: Crossfire Guests Engage in Vicious Navy Yard Shooting Debate

Gutter Journalism: The Daily Caller’s Reprehensible Attack on CNN’s Stephanie Cutter

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