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Hank Azaria Says He’s Willing to ‘Step Aside’ as Apu From The Simpsons If It’s ‘The Right Thing To Do’

Bill Maher: Stop ‘Busting Balls’ Over Old Movies and TV Shows Because They’re Not Woke Enough

Fans Outraged at How The Simpsons Handled the Apu Stereotype Controversy: ‘This is Sad’

Twitter Mocks Ted Cruz for Calling Dems ‘The Party of Lisa Simpson’: You Mean ‘The Smart One?’

Watch a Simpsons Parody of Trump Trying to Pay Off Mueller: ‘I Do the Best Bribes!’

WATCH: Trump Gets Dinged By The Simpsons Over His Paper Towel Tosses in Puerto Rico

The Simpsons Executive Producer Claims 21st Century Fox Asked Them to Stop Mocking Fox News

Ukraine Launches Simpsons GIF in Bizarre Twitter War With Russia

‘I’m Now the 44th-Best President!’: Trump Meets Ghost of Nixon in New Simpsons Short

‘Can’t Fox News Read It?’ The Simpsons Zing Trump’s First 100 Days

The Simpsons Use Chalkboard Gag to Reference Prediction Trump Would be President

The Simpsons Envision Donald Trump’s Response to Call from Situation Room

The Simpsons‘ Harry Shearer Clapped Back at Cruz With a ‘Sniveling’ Impersonation

‘The Debateful Eight’: Watch The Simpsons Skewer the 2016 Election

Best. News. Ever. Is Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Developing a New Show?

Did ​The Simpsons​ Predict Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

Rejoice, Remaining Simpsons Fans: Harry Shearer Isn’t Leaving After All

Homer and Marge Simpson Finally Address the Rumors

Homer and Marge Simpson Are ‘Legally Separating’

Simpsons Producers Vow Show Will Continue Without Harry Shearer

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