The Simpsons‘ Harry Shearer Clapped Back at Cruz With a ‘Sniveling’ Impersonation


This election season can feel infinite at times. Remember last June when Ted Cruz went to Buzzfeed and “auditioned” for a role on The Simpsons because he heard their super-versatile voice actor Harry Shearer was retiring? June was a headier time for the Cruz campaign. Donald Trump was not a threat. There were no sex scandals. No mystery materials had ever flown from Cruz’s mouth and landed on his lip during a debate. No one knew he was the Zodiac Killer.

Feels like a lifetime ago, no?

Well, in spite of all that has happened in the last nine months — or perhaps because of it — Shearer has now decided to respond to Cruz’s original audition tape with an audition of his own.

He took aim squarely at Cruz’s response to Trump’s attacks on his wife, Heidi Cruz. Cruz called Trump a “sniveling coward” then, which earned him this nugget from Shearer, delivered in an uncannily good impression of the GOP presidential candidate:

When Donald Trump attacked my wife Heidi, he proved himself to be a sniveling coward. I think I can say without undue modesty that during my 20-plus-year career defending and protecting the constitutional liberties of all Americans, I have proven myself to be, at the very least, a sniveling hero.

He went on to call on American to vote for “the better of two snivelers.”

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