The Walking Dead

‘Grow the F*ck Up:’ Walking Dead Star Calls Out Trolls and Body Shamers

This NFL Player’s Walking Dead Wedding was Really, Really Freaky

Man Blames ​The Walking Dead for Beating Friend to Death Before He Could Become a Zombie

The Walking Dead’s Chad Coleman Loses It on Subway Passengers: ‘Yes, I’m an Actor!’

Today Show Covers SNL40 10 Times More than ISIS Christian Beheadings

Glenn Beck Knows the Real Reason So Many People Love The Walking Dead

Concha: Here’s Why Baseball Is Struggling as a National TV Sport

One-Limbed Teen Pulls Amazing Prank on Walking Dead Star

‘Buzzkill’ Neil DeGrasse Tyson Ruins Your Zombie Fantasies Forever on The Daily Show

The Talking Dead: Fox Columnist Says ‘Zombie Obsession’ Is ‘Seriously Hurting American Society’

Did A Walking Dead Zombie Send Ricin-Laced Letters To Obama And Bloomberg?

Long Island Man Shoots Girlfriend After She Dismisses His Belief That Zombie Apocalypse Might Happen

Zombie Watch: ‘Face-Eating’ Man Did Not Actually Swallow Flesh, Gloria Allred Is Now Involved

Keith Olbermann Reports On Alien Life Discovery, Totally Pwns NASA in Star Trek Knowledge

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