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The War Room

The War Room’s Michael Shure Dishes On Current TV, Tom Brokaw, And Dan Abrams

Exclusive: Behind The Scenes At Current TV’s Democratic National Convention Coverage

Bainy Days And Mondays: Current Uncovers More Damning Mitt Romney Documents

In Olby’s Old House, Jeff Daniels Denies Newsroom Anchor Based On Keith Olbermann

Politico Reporter Admits The Press Is Covering For Republican Obstructionism

Coiffe Medicine: David Axelrod Blasts ‘Fool’ Donald Trump’s Hair On The War Room

Jennifer Granholm Blasts ‘Hollow Man’ Mitt Romney Over Failure To Stand Up For Gay Advisor

Bill Press Hosts Current TV’s Florida Primary Coverage On Countdown

Cenk Uygur To Al Gore In 2000: ‘For The Love Of God, Stop!’

Meet Salon’s “Hack 30”: “The Worst Pundits In America”

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