Third Party

‘Is It Good for the Country…’: Chris Matthews Smacks Down Third-Party Talk

Bill Kristol Fires Back at Trump: ‘So Upset’ by the Mere Mention of 3rd Party Challenger

Cenk Uygur to Sanders: Would You Support a Third Party Candidate Over Hillary?

Jim VandeHei’s Idea for Third Party Possibly Led by Mark Zuckerberg Isn’t Going Over Well

Coulter, Glenn Beck Clash Over Whether Conservatives Should Jump Ship to Third Party

Sarah Palin Open To Leaving GOP And Starting Third Party With Mark Levin

Ron Paul Rules Out Third Party Run: ‘Democracy Isn’t All That Healthy In This Country’

Ralph Nader: ‘Spoiler’ Is A ‘Politically Bigoted Word’ To Use For Third Party Candidates

Chris Matthews Compares Ron Paul To Ross Perot, Sizes Up Paul’s Chances As Third-Party Candidate

Donald Trump To Fox News: I Have My ‘Ducks In A Row’ For Third Party Run

Donald Trump: As Third Party Candidate ‘I Would Do Great With African American’ Voters

Joe Scarborough: If Ron Paul Runs As Third Party Candidate ‘I’ll Give Him A Long Look’

Ron Paul: Not Sure I Can Support Another GOP Nominee

Michael Bloomberg: ‘I Think [Chris Christie] Would Be A Credible, Formidable Candidate’

Will Sarah Palin Go Third Party Rogue In 2012?

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