Tom Brokaw

Fox Guest Slams Brokaw Remarks: ‘If Being a Latina on Fox News Isn’t Assimilation, I Don’t Know What Is’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: Tom Brokaw’s Comments About Hispanics ‘Shockingly Uninformed’

NBC News Calls Brokaw Comments About Hispanics ‘Inaccurate and Inappropriate’: ‘We’re Glad He Apologized’

CNN’s Maria Cardona Reacts to Tom Brokaw’s Claim: ‘Not True, Latinos Absolutely Assimilate’

Tom Brokaw On Meet the Press: ‘The Hispanics Should Work Harder at Assimilation’

Tom Brokaw Goes Off on ‘Embarrassing’ US Government: Things Were Better Run in Nixon’s Last Year

Tom Brokaw: New Government With a Dem House and GOP Senate is ‘Gonna Look Ugly’

On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw Agrees with Hugh Hewitt: ‘Booming Out There’, ‘Economy is Humming’

Tom Brokaw Tears Into Trump For His Response to McCain’s Passing: ‘Ignoring His Death is a Disgrace’

Tom Brokaw Says Both Parties Should Take a Lesson from John McCain: Everyone’s Tired of Being Trapped in Ideological Box

Hannity Slams MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for Pushing ‘Bizarre Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories and Lies’

NBC’s Tom Brokaw Calls For ‘New Crusade’ Against Guns After Newsroom Shooting

Charlie Rose Resurfacing? Disgraced Anchor Reportedly Set to Appear at Sun Valley Billionaires’ Conference

Brokaw-Accuser Linda Vester: NBC’s Sexual Harassment Investigation Was ‘Deeply Flawed’

NBC’s Self-Serving Investigation Into Matt Lauer Adds Fuel to Network’s Credibility Crisis

Brokaw Accuser Linda Vester Speaks Out on GMA: Some Harrassers ‘Can Look Like Cultural Icons’

Linda Vester Speaks Out on Brokaw Allegations: He Is ‘Shaming and Blaming a Victim’

Instead of Doing Their Job, the News Media is ‘Virtue Signaling’ on the Tom Brokaw Allegations

Third Woman Alleges Veteran NBC Journalist Tom Brokaw ‘Made a Pass at Me’

S.E. Cupp Calls Out Brokaw’s NBC Colleagues: Letter Defending Him Fosters ‘Culture of Intimidation’

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