CNN’s Ana Cabrera Denounces Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric: ‘There Is No Invasion’


CNN anchor Ana Cabrera denounced President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric amid a week that saw a mass shooting in El Paso and massive immigration raids.

“Let me be clear in this moment: There is no invasion. There is no “other.” We are all different – that is a fact. But we share a common humanity,” Cabrera said Saturday on CNN Newsroom.

Cabrera noted ICE raids that rounded up nearly 700 people “happened on the very same day President Trump went to El Paso.”

“The alleged killer, a white supremacist actually told investigators his targets were Mexicans, according to the arrest affidavit,” Cabrera said.

“Before the attack he wrote about a Hispanic invasion, echoing a message the president put out to sell his anti-immigration policies,” she continued. “In fact since January, President Trump’s re-election team has posted more than 2,000 ads on Facebook, warning of an invasion. And the need for a border wall.”

Cabrera also spoke of the victims in El Paso, including Andre and Jordan Anchondo who died shielding their infant son from gunfire.

“Their baby boy Paul, again just 2 months old, suffered broken bones in the same attack. He met the president and the First Lady during their visit to El Paso. But he will grow up never knowing the parents who gave their lives to help save his. The question now is, what kind of America will help raise him?” Cabrera asked.

Watch above, via CNN.

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