Dem Rep. Jeffries Blasts Trump: Accepting Dirt from a Hostile Power ‘Is Treasonous Behavior’


On MSNBC tonight, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries denounced President Donald Trump‘s comments about being willing to accept foreign dirt on his 2020 opponent, but said Democrats should “stay the course” and now pursue impeachment yet.

Jeffries told Stephanie Ruhle it’s a “shocking statement” and said, “Accepting assistance from a hostile foreign power like Russia is treasonous behavior. The president of the United States should condemn it, instead he’s embracing it. That should tell the country all it needs to know about the current occupant in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Jeffries talked about how Congress needs to act, which led Ruhle to ask about the idea of impeachment.

“Tonight you are telling me this is treasonous behavior,” she said. “If it’s treasonous, shouldn’t you move forward with impeachment proceedings?”

“I think we have to move forward and stay the course in terms of following the facts, applying the law, and being guided by the United States Constitution,” Jeffries responded, defending the actions the House has already taken to conduct oversight, touting their victories in court thus far.

After he again said Democrats should “stay the course,” Ruhle asked him if everything Trump said in that ABC News clip “doesn’t make you want to change course.”

“The president’s admission, again, is part of the body of information that we will continue to present to the American people. It speaks for itself,” he said.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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