Fox’s Brit Hume Blasts Trump Admin’s Peace Talks with Taliban: ‘This is Called Losing’


Fox News analyst Brit Hume blasted the Trump administration’s ongoing peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan, saying a pullout of troops would be tantamount to losing.

“This is called losing,” Hume said. “We completely–ultimately abandoned that situation over there, partly because it’s unpopular, partly because people are frustrated with it, partly because it’s been going on so long. We are not likely to appreciate the results and the public won’t either.”

In the past week, the U.S. and Taliban negotiators finalized a preliminary peace agreement while the Taliban has also ramped up attacks on provincial communities. Hume spoke on a panel about the peace talks on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Wallace noted a number of potential unintended consequences that could stem from a deal with the Taliban and also pointed out the Afghan government has been sidelined in talks.

“What we’re talking about is that we would take almost — not quite, but almost half of our troops out and in return, all the Taliban is agreeing is that they are going to renounce al Qaeda and that they won’t let them regenerate and that they will talk to the current Afghan government, but who knows, can you trust the Taliban? What happens if they say we are going to renounce al Qaeda but not ISIS?” Wallace asked.

“Public opinion on this is going to turn quite sharply if the scenario you described comes to pass,” Hume said.

“And we put more troops in and we continue to lose,” Wallace said. “At a certain point maybe you cut your losses. It is a really difficult situation.”

Watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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