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Brit Hume Flat Out Rejects Trump’s Claim FISA Application Was ‘Illegal’

CNN’s Stelter to Fox News’ Hume: Why Did You Delete Your Tweet Saying Dems Don’t Love U.S.?

Trump’s North Korea Summit Once Again Pits Conservatives Against Trumpists in Media

Fox News’ Brit Hume: Trump’s Friendly Behavior Towards ‘Thug’ Kim Jong Un is ‘Disconcerting’

Fmr FBI Agent Rips Brit Hume Over McCabe Firing: ‘As Usual’ He ‘Has Zero Idea What He’s Talking About’

CNN Reporter Rips Brit Hume For His Network’s False Story: ‘Is Fox Going to Issue a Correction’?

Brit Hume’s Twitter Account Appears to Have Been Hacked Again

Well, It Appears Brit Hume’s Twitter Account Has Also Been Hacked By Pro-Turkish Hackers

Brit Hume Assures Twitter He is Not Having ‘Fantasies About Trump’s Penis’ In Bizarre Tweet

Brit Hume: Whether Moore Wins or Loses, ‘Republicans Really Have No Way to Win’ Tonight

Brit Hume on Pocahontas Controversy: Trump ‘Wasn’t Very Gracious,’ ‘But I Don’t Think It’s Racist’

Brit Hume Spars With Stephen Hayes and Bill Kristol Over ‘Bizarre’ Weekly Standard Anti-Trump Editorial

Brit Hume Seems to Believe Sexual Assault Allegations Against Weinstein, But Not Trump or Ailes

Trevor Noah Hits Fox News: Since Vegas Shooter ‘Didn’t Fit’ Their Narrative, ‘They Couldn’t Politicize It’

Brit Hume: Trump Must Be ‘Very Careful’ After Vegas Shooting; He Sometimes Says Things ‘Off Base’

Trump vs. Sessions Feud Exposes Divide Amongst Trump Supporters at Fox News

Brit Hume Defends Trump’s Frustration With Special Counsel: Might Be Because He’s Innocent

Brit Hume: Trump ‘Seems to Think That The Attorney General is Some Kind of Goalie For Him’

Who Can Really Impeach President Trump? Fox News

Tucker Carlson Felt Really Bad About Comey’s Treatment of Hillary Clinton; Archives Reveal Otherwise

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