Jessica Tarlov Exasperated by Fox News Panel Excusing Trump’s China Actions: ‘Talk to People Who Are Affected!’


Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov got heated with her fellow panelists on Outnumbered, telling them to talk to people impacted by President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

“The president is actually trying to wean us off China altogether. I’m not totally sure he is trying to make a deal. I think is trying to get companies out of there. That’s what he is saying to those companies,” Melissa Francis said.

“Chuck Schumer has agreed with him, by the way, about the threat of China, but it doesn’t mean he needs to do it like this,” Tarlov said.

This prompted a back-and-forth between Tarlov, former ICE director Tom Homan and Rachel Campos-Duffy.

“You can’t argue with his success on the economy,” Homan insisted. “He’s the first president to take China on.”

“Your paycheck hasn’t been affected, but talk to people who are affected. People in the automotive industry. The people who are farmers. Waking up tomorrow with less than they had today. We are sitting here in an air-conditioned studio,” Tarlov said Friday.

“It’s a long game,” Homan insisted.

“Give me a break, Jessica,” Campos-Duffy responded.

“Give me a break? Is that not true?” Tarlov asked. Campos-Duffy said there was a manufacturing boom in the area where she lived following Trump’s election.

“I have talked to farmers myself off the air who say they’ve dealt with China for years, they are selling cashews and almonds, they have totally different rules for both. And they are happy to take a hit for a while to try and get the market straight,” Francis said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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