KY Congressman Calls for ‘Total and Complete Shutdown’ on Teens Wearing MAGA Hats

In light of a viral video showing MAGA-hat wearing boys from Kentucky taunting a native elder in Washington DC, a Kentucky Congressman has called for a “total and complete shutdown” — a play on the president’s infamous call to ban Muslims from the U.S. — on teens wearing Make America Great Again hats.

Rep. John Yarmuth, who has served  Kentucky’s 3rd congressional district since 2007, tweeted out this on Sunday: “I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on. They seem to be poisoning young.”

He also included a Courier-Journal article that included a quote from the native elder who was surrounded and taunted by the Covington Catholic High School boys describing the incident as “racist.”

“It was ugly, what these kids were involved in. in. It was racism. It was hatred. It was scary,” Nathan Phillips said during a phone interview with the Detroit Free Press.

Full footage of the encounter that circulated Sunday has led to some disputing Phillips’ claims that the students surrounded him, as he appears to have approach them first.

Yarmuth also followed up with a second tweet making it clear that he did not approve — at all — which the actions of the boys from his home state and that he blames the president.

“The conduct we saw in this video is beyond appalling, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum,” Yarmuth wrote. “This is a direct result of the racist hatred displayed daily by the President of the United States who, sadly, some mistake for a role model.”

On Friday, boys from Covington Catholic High School — who were in Washington for March for Life — surrounded and taunted Phillips, who was attending the Indigenous Peoples March that was held on the same day.

A spokesperson for the Indigenous Peoples March said that the boys’ actions amounted to assault.

The school and the Covington Diocese have apologized and promised to investigate the matter.

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