LEAKED: Axios Obtains Trove of Vetting Documents Revealing Wild ‘Red Flags’ of Trump Appointees


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Axios has obtained nearly 100 internal Trump transition vetting documents that detail “red flags” and potential scandals for President Donald Trump’s political appointees.

Axios reported on the trove of documents during Axios on HBO Sunday night, documents which often foreshadowed future scandals that beset his government.

For example, former EPA head Scott Pruitt’s dossier had a section in his vetting form titled “allegations of coziness with big energy companies” and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s vetting form contained a separate 25-page document titled “Rudy Giuliani Business Ties Research Dossier.”

Other times, the documents note that some of the candidates Trump interviewed and sometimes selected for a position had harshly criticized him. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s document had a note that she’d said Trump is everything “we teach our kids not to do in kindergarten.” A red flag for Gen. David Petraeus, who according to Axios was being considered for secretary of state, was “Petraeus Is Opposed to Torture.”

The leak also revealed Laura Ingraham (who joined Fox News in 2017) was being considered for press secretary. One of her red flags was a quote from her radio show in 2016: “Ingraham said people should wear diapers instead of sharing bathrooms with transgender people.”

Axios reached out to the Trump administration and multiple candidates for comment, some of whom responded.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Axios in a statement “President Trump has assembled an incredible team throughout the federal government who — in spite of 93% negative news coverage — has accomplished undeniable successes.”

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