Lou Dobbs Corrects and Then Riffs on Incorrect Poll Numbers He Aired That Tripped Up Trump

President Trump faced some mockery on Thursday after sharing poll results touted by Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs, in which Dobbs got the positives and negatives wrong. Trump bragged on Twitter about a high approval rating that was actually much lower.

On Thursday night, Dobbs issued a correction and his regrets on air.

“I would like too repair something I got wrong last night, incorrectly reporting that a Georgetown poll showed the president had an overall approval rating of 55%,” said Dobbs. “The number in fact is 43%.”

“That same poll found that President Trump has a 58% approval rating for the handling of the economy,” he added.

“Now to those numbers on reparations, and I assure you, at least most of these numbers are correct,” said Dobbs. “Just kidding, just kidding.”

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