comScore Trump Promises Money Coming to Those Hurt by 'Chinese Virus'

To Each According to Their Need: Trump Promises ‘Money Coming’ to Those Hurt by the ‘Chinese Virus’


President Donald Trump announced via Twitter early Wednesday morning that government assistance would be coming to American citizens hurt by the severe economic downturn caused by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The White House Coronavirus Coordination team announced guidelines of social distancing that strongly discouraged going to food courts, bars, and restaurants which is a very smart public health policy but has understandably hurt many small businesses.

Working with the Trump administration, Congress is looking to pass a $1 trillion bailout package to a number of industries hurt by the coronavirus, possibly including airline, cruise, and casino industries, though its not clear how the cruise and casino industries are essential (though they certainly employ millions of Americans now out of work).

Recent ports suggest that part of the bailout could include individual paychecks of $1,000 to each American, which Trump appeared to reference in his tweet.

While many Americans will surely welcome the federal economic support, there is some irony in the fact that just months ago President Trump was deriding the socialist policies of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, when just a few weeks later, he is overseeing and encouraging the very socialist policy of spreading wealth to those in need.

“There are no atheists in the foxhole” should perhaps be updated to “there are no free marketers in an economic disaster.”

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