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Trump Accusers: Actions ‘Horrific’ and ‘One Thousand Times Worse Than What Al Franken Has Done’

Trump Accusers Speak Out – Demand Investigation

LIVE Press Conference: Trump Accusers Speak Out – Demand Investigation. Women share firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by Donald Trump and demand an investigation by Congress.(stream via

Posted by Brave New Films on Monday, December 11, 2017

Today could be something of a turning point for President Donald Trump and the allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that have been dogging him since the early days of the 2016 election.

Three of the most outspoken accusers, Samantha Holvey, Rachel Crooks, and Jessica Leeds, appeared on television this morning with Megyn Kelly, with Leeds saying the president put his hands up her skirt and Crooks alleging Trump kissed her without consent.

After their appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, the trio spoke out at a joint press conference, along with filmmaker Robert Greenwald, who helped create a documentary about the 16 women that have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.

The three women were joined by telephone or Skype by other accusers, each woman having their own harrowing story to tell about the president.

Accuser Lisa Boyne called in and told of a time she was invited to dine with Trump and a group of other rich men, including modeling agent John Casablancas. She alleged that Trump looked up her skirt and Casablancas tried to ply her with alcohol. Other women suffered the same indignities, she said.

Boyne said nobody would take her story seriously until the Access Hollywood tape broke, and then it became normalized as “locker room talk,” a point which infuriates her.

“Something that is so horrific — I’m so fed up of listening to people. We take it in like it’s nothing. We shouldn’t teach our boys to talk like this,” she said, noting that what Trump did was “one thousand times worse that what Al Franken has done.”

Crooks also dismissed the notion of “locker room talk,” saying “having been the victim of such actions, I knew better.”

“This was serial misconduct and perversion on the part of Mr. Trump,” she said.

Leeds’ tale found her hiding in the back of an airplane after being assaulted by Trump during a flight.

“His hands starting going up my skirt — I’m not a small person — I managed to wiggle out and stand up, grab my purse and I went to the back of the airplane,” she said. “I stayed in the back of the airplane until we landed and everybody was off because I did not want to take the chance of running into him.”

Holvey, for her part, expressed a single-minded focus to expose the president for his alleged misdeeds.

“I have a new dream now that this man will be held accountable for his actions and that future women will not be treated as less than just because they are a woman,” she said. “For us to put ourselves out there to try to show America who this man is and especially how he views women and for them to say, ‘Eh, we don’t care,’ it hurt.”

“Now let’s try Round 2. The environment is different.”

To that end, Crooks seemed to suggest that Congress look into the matter, recalling the ethics investigation that was to be conducted in the case of Sen. Franken.

“If they were willing to investigate Sen. Franken, I think it’s only fair that they do the same for Trump,” she said. “We shouldn’t let politicians get away with this.”

Holvey agreed, saying “This isn’t a partisan issue.”

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