Trump Attacks Chuck Todd on Hugh Hewitt’s Radio Show, Hewitt Defends MSNBC Colleague: ‘Chuck’s a Great Host. You Know That.’


President Donald Trump took a shot at Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd Tuesday — prompting conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt to defend his MSNBC colleague.

During an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, the president made a derogatory, off-hand reference to Todd, which caused Hewitt to step in.

“I used to watch you on all those liberal lefty shows with sleepy eyes Chuck Todd,” Trump Said. “And—”

“Chuck’s a great host,” Hewitt told Trump. “You know that.”

But the president charged ahead bashing Todd.

“And I said … he just doesn’t fit into that group somehow,” Trump said. He added, “But I watch you on those shows with a few of our friends like Sleepy Eyes, and it was a very interesting, it was a very interesting group. I don’t think you felt too comfortable.”

Hewitt again put a word in for his colleague.

“I like Chuck, Hewitt said. “Chuck knows — he’d probably talk sports with you longer than me.”

From there, the host frantically switched topics.

Listen above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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