Trump Attacks Fox News Again, Mocks Them Not Getting a Debate: ‘HOPELESS & CLUELESS!’


President Donald Trump took issue with what he sees as Fox News “heavily promoting the Democrats” via a tweet sent Wednesday morning.

The president’s ire appears to have triggered by DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa appearing on America’s Newsroom to speak with Fox’s Sandra Smith in the 9 am hour.

Trump has recently ratcheted up attacks on the more progressive contributors at Fox News, and hit the usual suspects again, naming former DNC Chair (and CNN Contributor) Donna BrazilleJuan Williams, and news anchor Shepherd Smith in this recent tweetstorm.

Trump Tweeted:

DNC Chair Tom Perez notably announced months ago that the Democratic Party would not grant Fox News a primary debate, which launched a debate about the merits of Democratic candidates reaching the massive viewership of the top-rated Fox News.

The opinion programming side of Fox News has long been considered a venue for very pro-Trump positions, while the news programming offers a more balanced slate of news.  In fact, critics have noted such close past coordination between White House Communications and Fox News programming that critics have derisively referred to the cable news outlet as “state-run TV.”

Trump seems to think those days are over, with the specific call-out of “Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

It will be fascinating to see how both Fox News opinion and news programs will report on this most recent attack.


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