Trump Confronted About Attack on Marie Yovanovitch During Hearing, Defends Tweets: ‘I Have Freedom of Speech’


President Donald Trump defended lashing out at his former ambassador to Ukraine while she was testifying in his impeachment inquiry, saying he has “freedom of speech.”

“Nobody has ever had such horrible due process. There was no due process. I think it is considered a joke all over Washington and all over the world. The Republicans are given no due process whatsoever. We’re not allowed to do anything. It’s a disgrace what is happening,” Trump told reporters during an event Thursday, while Marie Yovanovitch was still testifying before Congress.

“I have freedom of speech just as other people do but they have taken away the Republicans rights. I watched today as certain very talented people, who wanted to ask questions, and they weren’t even allowed to ask questions–Republicans,” he continued.

Trump didn’t answer a question on if he intended to threaten Yovanovitch with his tweets, saying “I just want to have a total–I want freedom of speech. That is a political process. The Republicans have been treated very badly.”

Trump also lashed out at reporters present at his press event, saying they weren’t reporting positively on enough on his newly-released call with the Ukrainian president.

“It was a great call. It was a very nice call. Everybody said it was perfect. I always say, equally as good as the other call. I put it out today. Nobody even wants to report it because it was so good they don’t want to report it,” Trump said.

“If we had an honest press in this country, we would be so well served. You know what? When I look at your approval numbers, they’re the worst they have ever been in the history of our country, the media approval numbers. They are horrible. You ought to get yourself back and put yourself back in a position where people respect the media again,” he told reporters.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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