Trump Corroborates Fake Ian Bremmer Tweet by Slamming Biden and Praising Kim Jong Un in Front of Entire World


President Donald Trump came very close to parroting the fake quote that got Ian Bremmer in so much hot water when he slammed former Vice President Joe Biden and praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as a “very smart man” at an international press conference.

On Sunday, NYU professor and Foreign Policy expert Ian Bremmer posted a fake quote from Trump in which he alleged that Trump said, in Tokyo, that “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden,” a fabrication that he later defended as a “plausible” example of the “ludicrous” things that Trump says.

But hours later, at a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump came damn close to replicating the contents of Bremmer’s invented quote.

In response to a question about North Korea’s recent missile tests, Trump glowingly praised Kim, saying that “Kim Jong Un, or Chairman Kim, as some people say, is looking to create a nation that has great strength economically.”

He also called Kim “a very smart man” who “gets it well.”

Later in the same press conference, Trump slammed Biden on both of the issues for which he praised Kim, agreeing with the dictator that  “Joe Biden is a low-IQ individual,” and that as vice president, “Joe Biden was a disaster.”

“His administration, with President Obama, they were basically a disaster when it came to so many things, whether it was economy, whether it was military, defense.  No matter what it was, they had a lot problems,” Trump said. “So, I’m not a fan.”

In explicit terms, Trump said that Kim is “very smart” and Biden is “low I.Q.,” while the part about Kim making “a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden” was left as an inference.

Bremmer later apologized for and deleted his tweet, but perhaps he now owes Trump a “thank you” for so promptly replacing it with real quotes.

Watch the clip above, via The White House.

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