NYU Prof Ian Bremmer Universally Panned For Tweeting Out Fake Trump Quote


A New York University political science professor faced outrage from Twitter for creating a fake quote from President Donald Trump, then defending it as “plausible.”

Ian Bremmer posted the fake quote Sunday morning without context, leading many of his followers and others to believe Trump really said “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden,” when Trump did not.

After the quote was questioned by followers, he indirectly admitted the quote wasn’t real by replying “it’s plausible” to a follower who questioned the quote.

He later posted a response to his original posting along the same lines, defending the original tweet as some sort of social experiment. Bremmer then later deleted the entire thread of tweets.

Bremmer’s tweet follows a real tweet from the president where he seemingly praised Kim Jong Un for attacking Biden.

A number of verified journalists criticized Bremmer for posting the falsehood.


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