Trump Threatens PA Governor For Making It Hard For Him to Hold a Rally During Pandemic: ‘I’ll Remember It, Tom’


President Donald Trump railed against Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) at his latest rally, appearing to threaten the governor for making it difficult for him to hold a rally in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Trump spoke in Allentown, PA, the crowd booed when he brought up Wolf’s name. The president complained that the rally was “set up just a few hours ago,” but “your governor made it almost impossible for us to find any site.”

The president continued bashing Wolf for his handling of the pandemic, and seemed to threaten some form of retaliation in response to Wolf’s opposition to the rally:

So Tom Wolf, next time give us a little notice, Governor. And I’ll remember it, Tom. I’m going to remember it, Tom. ‘Hello, Mr. President, this is Governor Wolf, I need help. I need help.’ You know what? These people are bad. We go out of our way regardless Republican, Democrat, when they have a problem. But he shut us out and he tried shutting us out of two other venues.

Trump’s attack on Wolf comes as the White House is dealing with a new coronavirus outbreak. Multiple staffers for Vice President Mike Pence contracted the virus in recent days. This follows the White House event to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court — which is believed to have resulted in Trump, the First Lady, a slew of White House officials and several senators contracting the virus earlier in the month.

Last month, Wolf’s office issued a statement condemning Trump’s decision to hold rallies in the state despite the health and safety risks. Wolf said “my administration did not make an exception” for a previous rally Trump held, adding “I am requesting that the President of the United States not endanger Pennsylvanians by holding unsafe rallies that will put Pennsylvania communities at risk.”

From the statement:

It is gravely concerning that the president would insist on holding this event with blatant disregard for social distancing and masking requirements. His decision to bring thousands of people together in a tight space in the midst of a global pandemic caused by an airborne virus is flat out wrong. No matter what party you support, all Americans should be very concerned that the president has put headlines and publicity above the health and safety of our families and communities….To hold this event is not just misguided, it is dangerous, it is manipulative and it is wrong. I would ask Pennsylvanians to think of the health and safety of their families and their communities before attending this event or any rally put on by the Trump campaign. And I would ask the president, for once, to put the health of his constituents ahead of his own political fortunes.

States have implemented limits on the sizes of public gatherings since the coronavirus pandemic struck the United States earlier this year.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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