VIDEO: Every Time Trump Bashed Pence Over Certification at Last Ditch Rally


President Donald Trump desperately tried to apply as much political pressure as possible on his Vice President Mike Pence during Wednesday’s “Save America Rally” in the nation’s capital.

On the day that a joint session of Congress wrangles with a cabal of Republican Senators and Representatives ostensibly trying to overturn the decisive election results that President-elect Joe Biden won by a wide margin, Trump’s last-ditch effort is to somehow pressure Pence to do something that has never been done before: reject the will of the people and send certified votes back to states.

The Constitution does not allow such action of the presiding Vice President, a role that is entirely ceremonial.

Trump veered from friendly encouragement to questioning Pence’s courage, to chiding his most loyal deputy like a disappointed parent, much to the delight of the dozens of thousand Trump supporters in attendance, lapping up every word uttered by their dear leader.

Watch above via Fox News.

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