A.B. Stoddard on Fox News: The White House Pulling Jim Acosta’s Press Pass Was ‘Kremlinesque’

On Thursday night, Real Clear Politics associate editor A.B. Stoddard slammed the White House for pulling the press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Stoddard began by saying that the White House does not “have the grounds” to take Acosta’s press pass away “because he was rude and they don’t like the substance of his questions.”

“You can disagree with the way he conducts himself and his behavior, but the idea that the White House put out a doctored video as a reason for Jim Acosta to have his pass revoked… in my view, this is really Kremlin-esq,” Stoddard told Fox News anchor Shannon Bream. “Watch the video. With the audio, he’s saying ‘Excuse me, ma’am.’ He’s not manhandling this person. It is a trumped up, made-up reason to revoke his pass and it’s absolutely wrong and it’s outrageous. The idea that the White House, the officials of the president of the United States of America would use any doctoring of any video to do something to take away someone’s First Amendment rights is beyond outrageous.”

Fox News contributor Doug Schoen said nobody looks “particular good” in this situation and believed Acosta’s press pass should be restored and that there should be a “restart.”’s Guy Benson agreed with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who called Acosta “embarrassing” and a “showboat,” adding that he was “unprofessional” but dismissed the accusation that the CNN reporter put his hands on the White House intern.

“I think to use that reason, the ‘hands on her’ thing as the excuse, I don’t really buy that,” Benson added.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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