Shannon Bream

GOP Rep Slams Leftist Heath Care ‘Fallacies’: ‘We No Longer Invite Truth to the Debate’

‘I Didn’t Say it as Smoothly as I Could’: Chaffetz Responds to iPhone/Healthcare Comments

With Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox, We Need to Talk About Shannon Bream

Fox’s Shannon Bream to Dem Rep: Isn’t There ‘Ethical Issue’ in Lynch/Clinton Meeting?

The Underrated: Here’s Your Cable News Winners Who Possess This One Important Gift

Fox Anchor Confronts O’Malley: Why Didn’t You List ISIS as a Priority During Debate?

Fox Anchor Grills Hillary Surrogate over Emails: Doesn’t She ‘Have Herself to Blame?’

Fox Anchor Wonders When We’re Getting a Men’s History Museum

Fox’s Bernie Goldberg Cut Off Responding to Civil Rights Question, And He Does NOT Look Happy

Fox Anchor Grills Atheist Activist Over Opposing Holocaust Memorial Because Of ‘Star Of David’

Bizarre: Greta Van Susteren Reveals Details Of Her Complex Relationship With 1980s-era Stalker

Fear-Chucker: Fox Contributor Mark Sanford Says Obama To ‘Throw A Lot Of Spears’ At Debate

Kirsten Powers On Priorities USA Ad Fallout: ‘Ludicrous’ To Pretend Only Democrats Are ‘Slinging Mud’

Fox News Bites, White House Bites Back On Bin Laden Raid ‘Fabrication’

Stossel Interviews Fox News Channel’s Personalities About Their First Jobs

Fox News Releases Statement After Initially Reporting Individual Mandate Was ‘Gone’

Joe Biden Says He Ran For Senate Because Did Not Want ‘A Real Job’ At Democratic Fundraiser

Hunter Rick Santorum Gushes To Fox News About His Son’s First Kill

Krauthammer Deadpans: Pearl Harbor Does Not ‘Do Justice To The Grandness Of Newt’

Sarah Palin: I’m Not Ready To Endorse A GOP Candidate ‘With The Field As It Stands’

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