Shannon Bream

In Rare TV Appearance, Rush Limbaugh Tells Shannon Bream the Media’s Praise for George H. W. Bush is ‘Phony’

Ryan Zinke Mocks Numerous Ethics Probes Against Him: I’ll Be ‘Investigated’ For Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ Next

Fox Contributor Hits Ivanka for ‘Unforgivable’ Use of Private Email: ‘Was She Not Around for the 2016 Campaign?’

A.B. Stoddard on Fox News: The White House Pulling Jim Acosta’s Press Pass Was ‘Kremlinesque’

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at 11 P.M.: Brian Williams, Don Lemon and Shannon Bream

Trump Rips Eric Holder For His ‘When They Go Low, We Kick Them’ Remark: ‘It’s a Disgrace’

Lindsey Graham Rips Dianne Feinstein For Saying Kavanaugh Yelled and Demeaned Senators: ‘What a Joke’

Lindsey Graham Rips NBC For Running Anonymous Fourth Kavanaugh Accuser: No Wonder People ‘Distrust You’

Guy Benson Battles Panelist Who Says Kavanaugh ‘Has The Burden’ To Prove His Innocence

Sen. Judiciary Committee Spox: Dems Have ‘Refused to Participate’ in Their Kavanaugh Investigation

Reuters’ Jeff Mason: Trump Was ‘Restrained’ and ‘Stayed on Message’ With Kavanaugh Remarks

Pro-Trump Pastor Robert Jeffress: We Clearly ‘Don’t Support Extramarital Affairs’, But We Support His Policies

Fox News Panel Roasts Lanny Davis, CNN Over Botched Bombshell: ‘These Aren’t Minor Points To Stumble Over’

Manafort Juror on ‘Heated’ Deliberations: One Holdout Prevented Verdict on All Counts

Matt Schlapp: Journalists Say Their Freedoms Are Being ‘Muzzled’ Yet Fail to Report on Keith Ellison

Mike Huckabee Compares Trump-Cohen Tape to ‘Geraldo and Al Capone’s Vault’: ‘There’s Nothing In There!’

Matt Schlapp, Philippe Reines Clash on Russia Probe: ‘We’re Giving Out Parking Tickets’ Yet No Collusion

Mike Pompeo Dismisses ‘Absurd’ Notion That Russia Has Dirt on Trump: He Understands Who We’re Dealing With

Fox News Panel Erupts Over Russia: ‘You Act Like You’re Surprised That The Russians Act Like Russians!’

ABC’s Terry Moran ‘Mansplains’ to Fox’s Shannon Bream, Conservatives and Journalists Hit Back

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