ABC’s Raddatz Confronts Acting DHS Sec. on Police Violence Amid Protests: They’re Trained to ‘Meet Protesters, Not Beat Them Up’


On Sunday, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf denied the existence of a “systemic racism problem” while defending the conduct of law enforcement amid the continued social unrest over George Floyd’s death.

Wolf gave an interview to ABC’s Martha Raddatz for This Week, where he was asked for his reaction to multiple videos of cops attacking reporters and demonstrators during recent protests. Wolf acknowledged the “legitimate” outrage over Floyd’s death, but he sidestepped the core of the question in order to note that the officers involved in Floyd’s death have been arrested and charged.

“What we see across the board, by and large, is law enforcement doing their job,” Wolf eventually said. “Yes, there are individuals in every profession that are perhaps criminals, that are perhaps abusing their authority, and we need to address that.”

Wolf went on by noting recent violent acts against police officers, saying “we are seeing them being targeted, and we need to make sure that the violence that’s going on in cities across America — and again, it’s diminished, I acknowledge that — does not continue.” Raddatz noted his point, but she referred back to her examples and asked Wolf “do those disturb you?”

“These are public servants who are trained to supposedly meet protesters, not beat them up,” she said.

“Absolutely,” Wolf answered. “You need to make sure that all law enforcement is acting correctly and doing their jobs correctly, and when they are not, they need to be held accountable. Some of the images you showed as well as others, we need to investigate. If the evidence shows they did not do their job correctly, they did not do it the way they were trained to do, we need to hold them accountable.”

Wolf continued by claiming there is no “systemic racism problem” in law enforcement, but he conceded once again that some cops “abuse their jobs.” These comments come about a week after White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien expressed similar disbelief in the idea that U.S. law enforcement has a problem with systemic racism.

Watch above, via ABC.

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