Ainsley Earhardt Sows Dissent: ‘Why Don’t We Trust the DOJ? Why Don’t We Trust the FBI?’


Fox & Friends covered the recently announced Justice Department investigation into the “origins” of the Russian probe Wednesday morning, airing a clip of conspiracy theorist Joe DiGevona strongly suggesting that he believed that some would end up in prison, and at least one would be former CIA Director John Brennan.

But as the segment completely dedicated to undermining the authority of United States legal and law enforcement institutions ended, co-host Ainsley Earhardt earnestly asked questions that, if posed in the 1960s, would have been viewed as seditious by conservatives at the time.

“Why don’t we trust the DOJ? Why don’t we trust the FBI?” she asked plaintively, signaling to Fox & Friends legion of viewers that, of course, the Department of Justice and the FBI are NOT to be trusted, given the unproven allegations that President Donald Trump is somehow victim to the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and that the FISA applications that started the investigation were improperly approved (even though they were approved by Republican judges.)

Earhardt’s questions — which were ostensibly sowing dissent with pillars of U.S. government — can easily be explained if one watches even a few minutes of Fox News prime time programming, which is largely dedicated to telling the story that the DOJ and FBI have been out to get President Trump.

But the serious questions that assume that “we” don’t trust the DOJ and the FBI, is remarkably irresponsible, given the millions of viewers that take serious political cues from the Fox News right-of-center and very pro-Trump morning show.

Watch above via Fox News.

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