Alan Dershowitz: Investigation Into Trump Business is ‘Taking The Al Capone Approach’


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to castigate the investigation into President Donald Trump‘s business, and he apparently agrees with Dana Loesch: the very innocent Trump is getting railroaded, much like Al Capone.

“The biggest crime you can commit in America today is to have been associated with Donald Trump,” very serious legal mind Dershowitz said on Fox & Friends. “If you’re associated with Donald Trump, they’re going to Manafort you, they’re going to Cohen you. They’re going to do all of these things to you.”

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair, was convicted last week of eight felony charges, including tax charges for failing to disclose millions of dollars he made lobbying for Ukrainian politicians. He was also convicted of two counts of bank fraud. The president’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, meanwhile, plead guilty to felony campaign finance violations and other crimes for paying off women alleging affairs with Trump.

Dershowitz went on to argue that the investigation into the Trump organization will deter businessmen from running for office out of fear of a “legal colonoscopy.”

“They usually do it with the mafia,” Dershowitz said. “It’s the Al Capone approach. If we can’t get him on the grounds that we’d really want him on, let’s go after him on taxes, let’s go after him on business.”

“It’s targeting people. And if they can target President Trump, they can target you, they can target anyone. That’s the problem.”

Later in the interview, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked who is “in charge” of the Southern District of New York investigation into Trump’s namesake organization.

“Why doesn’t the attorney general crack down?” Kilmeade asked.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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