America Ferrera Talks Political Activism, Touts Friendship with Linda Sarsour


On Tuesday night, actress America Ferrera stopped by The Late Show and spoke about her political activism.

Ferrera told Stephen Colbert that her son is now four months old, but she worried that she would stay in her “little bubble” and away from what was going on in the world and just “be happy.”

“You’re afraid you might be happy,” Colbert jokingly reacted.

“Yes, I was afraid I might choose happiness,” Ferrera laughed. “But very shortly after having my child, it was- I don’t know, maybe it was a week after I gave birth that images of children being ripped away from their parents at the border began to emerge and not only did I have the same fire as before, but it all means that much more when you’re a parent.”

The Superstore actress then showed off a picture of herself posing with activist Linda Sarsour wearing a jacket that says “November is Coming.”

“This is our chance. This is our first real chance to put a check on the insanity that is happening in this administration. And if we don’t show up to vote, we’re giving up that chance to put a check on it,” Ferrera continued. “We employ these people. I mean, when has it ever been more obvious that we need all levels of government to work for us? We need all levels of government to be standing up and upholding our rights and protecting us, and they have failed. They are failing. And so we need to show up as their employers and say, ‘it doesn’t work for us’ and vote out the people who aren’t doing their jobs and bring in some new, inspiring, and exciting candidates.”

Ferrera recently appeared in an anti-Kavanaugh video alongside Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, and Gabrielle Union.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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