Anderson Cooper: ‘If Any Other President’ Said What Trump Did About Foreign Dirt, The GOP Would ‘Call Him a Traitor’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper suggested Wednesday night that if any other president of the United States claimed that he was willing to accept intel from foreign agents and not notify the FBI the Republicans would have a much different reaction.

In fact, he said, the GOP would brand the president a “traitor.”

Cooper’s comments came during a conversation with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper over President Donald Trump’s bombshell remarks — made during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos — that he is open to reaching intel from foreign agents about his 2020 opponents and thinks the FBI director is “wrong” that he should have to report it.

Cooper started off by noting when Trump makes shocking claims like this people just seem to roll their eyes.

“You know, people just kind of roll their eyes at this point and it bears repeating this is not normal behavior of a president,” the CNN host said.

He continued on: “I’m not even sure, I don’t even know, if he understands or doesn’t care what the ramifications of this are, but if any other president had said anything resembling this, you know, Republicans in Congress would have, understandably, you know, called him a traitor.”

Clapper agreed.

“Can you imagine if Barack Obama, if he were still president somehow said something like that?” he added. “The Republicans would be going nuts over this.”

Talk then turned to how Trump went so far to say, in the same interview his own FBI director was wrong about his need to report such things.

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