Anderson Cooper on WH Spinning Sessions Tweet: Didn’t They Argue Trump’s Tweets Are Official Statements?


“Today yet again the White House has been backtracking and trying to explain away something the president himself said very clearly.”

Anderson Cooper tonight called out the spin from Sarah Sanders and Rudy Giuliani over President Donald Trump‘s tweet saying AG Jeff Sessions should put an end to the Mueller probe.

“That is what it sounds like, because that is actually what the President wrote,” Cooper said. “Unless, of course, you believe his press secretary and TV lawyer who scrambled to try and convince the public that what the President said about what he wants to see happen and happen right now was in no way a directive to actually make it happen and happen right now. No, according to them, it was only some guy’s opinion, the guy who happens to be President.”

After all, he said, “It’s not like his tweets are official statements by the President of the United States. I mean, what idiot would ever claim that?”

After showing video of Sean Spicer saying exactly that, Cooper remarked, “D’oh! Spicer!”

He continued:

“So the White House used to claim that the president’s tweets are not just idle opinionating, they’re official statements with all the power of the White House behind him. How many times have people working for the President said that the President’s tweet speaks for itself or words to that effect? Except for today’s tweet. That doesn’t apparently speak for itself. That needs a spokesperson and a TV lawyer speaking for it, sweeping up after it, quietly trying to wipe it off the bottom of their shoes.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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