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Ann Coulter Wants to Make It ‘More Difficult to Vote’

Ann Coulter appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning to make the case that it should be “more difficult to vote” in American elections. “There’s nothing unconstitutional about literacy tests,” she noted.

The debate was inspired by a recent O’Reilly Factor segment in which correspondent Jesse Watters found the least-informed people he could and asked them questions like, “What do you think of Marco Rubio?”

Coulter’s sparring partner, executive director of the Accountability Project Nomiki Konst, noted that only 36% of Americans vote to begin with, so those who are uninformed or simply don’t care about politics are not the ones going to the polls.

“Maybe we can check to see if they can name the vice president before letting them vote,” Coulter suggested, in the clip first flagged by TPM. “As for more civic education, that usually means the 12 years of Chinese-style propaganda in public schools, which only means you are dumber than someone who has not gone to school.”

In fact, Coulter suggested that Democrats actually want less-informed voters going to the polls. “Is a completely ignorant voter better for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party?” she asked. “The Democratic Party.” She declined to explain why that would be the case.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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