Ari Fleischer Rips CNN Over Report: Too Embarrassed to Fix Reporting…OR Michael Cohen’s the Source


Former White House secretary and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer bashed CNN on Thursday over their report — which has come under question — that Michael Cohen was prepared to say President Donald Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting.

CNN is standing by the report, even though Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, who is claiming to be one of their sources, is insisting the reporting is untrue. This has become a focal point of President Trump‘s latest spat with the network, and when Fleischer was asked about this today on Fox & Friends, he said “they sure get a lot wrong,” arguing that this isn’t the first of CNN’s bombshells that turned out to be duds.

“I think the reason is because there’s such a velocity and direction in the press to accept any assertion that Trump did wrong, particularly with Russia. CNN and many of the media are so invested in wanting to get Donald Trump over Russia and collusion that they drop their normal editorial filters and put things on the air that they should not put on the air, and once something goes wrong, they refuse to acknowledge it, and what’s gotten CNN in so much trouble now over the ‘Trump knew advance about the Trump Tower meeting with Michael Cohen saying it’…They’re too invested. They don’t do their diligence.”

Fleischer went on to say that he doesn’t blame reporters for getting burned by a bad source, but “once a source gives it to you wrong, you need to acknowledge it.”

“My only guess if CNN is too embarrassed to fix their reporting or Michael Cohen is the source that CNN is hanging its hat on,” he said. “If that’s the case, Michael Cohen has big problems because he told Congress the opposite and that could be perjury if Michael Cohen said one thing to CNN and then lied to Congress.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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