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WaPo‘s Robert Costa: WH Advisors Alarmed by ‘Isolated’ Trump Relying More on ‘Gut Instincts’

It’s getting lonely inside the West Wing for President Donald Trump, and those who remain are spooked.

That’s the word from Washington Post White House correspondent Robert Costa. Appearing on Morning Joe Thursday, the Post reporter rattled off a list of remaining staffers — some of whom seem like they may be on their way out.

“Inside the White House it’s pretty sparse,” Costa said. “You have Kellyanne Conway. You have John Kelly — who’s been pretty beleaguered. Not really a political Chief of Staff, also looking perhaps for the exit based on our reporting. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made it clear she may not stay forever in this term.”

The result of Trump’s increased solitude? A man who’s going with his gut.

And going with cable news.

“The way it’s described to me by a lot of Trump sources is that the president is isolated,” Costa said. “That he has these aides and advisors he counts on. But he’s really watching television and relying on his own gut instincts. And that’s caused some alarm inside the president’s circle as he becomes more besieged by political and legal problems. That he relies more on the fiery types around him and his own gut instincts rather than bringing in established Republicans.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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