Avenatti on Stormy Daniels Arrest: Police Set Up a ‘Sting Operation’, Asked to Motorboat Her


Michael Avenatti is accusing Ohio law enforcement of foul play after Stormy Daniels was arrested last night as she performed at a Columbus strip club.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle spoke to Avenatti today about his view that the arrest was a “politically motivated” setup against his client. Daniels was charged with three misdemeanor sex offenses for touching undercover police officers during her routine, and her attorney had some…interesting insight into their, shall we say, “investigation” of his client.

“She was there for her performance, and unbeknownst to her, the police set up a sting operation within the strip club with multiple officers,” said Avenatti. “During her performance, they asked her if they could place their face in between her breasts while she was performing on stage.”

Avenatti continued to call the incident a “ridiculous” and “absurd use of law enforcement resources.” He also said that Daniels is briefly postponing her national tour and will plead not guilty to the charges against her.

“It just seems absurd to me that this is something that would require this amount of resources and would result in the arrest of my client,” Avenatti said. “I’ve been in touch with prosecutors this morning. We’ve been up all night dealing with the situation. I think they are going to be reasonable about this. I think they are going to be diligent and appear to be incredibly professional and we thank them for that.”

Something new and weird every day.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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