Barbra Streisand Rips The Media For Their Constant Coverage of Trump

Barbra Streisand sat down with Bill Maher and spoke about her new music inspired by the political climate under President Donald Trump.

Streisand began by saying how “real life” as well as anger and sadness “motivated” her while making her latest album “Walls.” She and Maher discussed their hatred for “lies” and how they yearned for civility with people across the aisle, noting her her friendship with Republican Bob Dole.

But before wrapping up their interview, the Oscar-winning performer took some shots at the media.

“I have one question though… why do we allow the media to keep showing him on TV?” Streisand asked. “Why are we covering his rallies? He’s had 71 rallies.”

“Because there’s money in it,” Maher responded. “Because the media used to a lost leader. They didn’t care if covering the news made money. And now it reports to the stockroom like everybody else.”

“That’s so sad to me,” Streisand told Maher. “Don’t cover him!”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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