BBC Journalist ‘Dry Heaves’ While Recalling Her Interview with ‘Creepy’ Donald Trump


This weekend BBC journalist Steph McGovern appeared on the network’s Have I Got News For You and related a story about a “creepy” interaction she once had with President Donald Trump.

McGovern started a story saying “having once met Trump, I–” but was interrupted by the reaction from fellow panelists, to which she replied, “yeah, that just makes me feel a bit sick even thinking of that.”

She said she was interviewing him and “he was creepy, man.”

“What did he say?” asked guest panelist Richard Osman.

“He said ‘you’re so beautiful, I’m going to leave the room now to make myself look better, because if we do this interview now everyone is just going to be staring at you and not listening to me,'” and then mimed gagging or dry-heaving.

“Because he thought that would disarm me,” she continued. “He thought as a female journalist, that was the best thing to say to me rather than, oh, I watched your piece on, I don’t know, mobile phone insurance last week.”

She said she her response to him was “Aye love, I’ve heard better lines than that down Club Bongo.”

The interview McGovern was referring to was from 2012 when she was a business reporter for the BBC.

The Daily Mail noted that in that interview, when McGovern asked Trump what he does to relax, he said “I’m relaxed now. I’m relaxed doing things that I like.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of BBC.

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