Bernie Goldberg Mocks ‘Sissy Boy’ Berkeley Protestors Who Think ‘Speech is Violence’

Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg made fun of Antifa and other left-wing “sissy boys” on Friday for feeling threatened by Ben Shapiro‘s speech at UC Berkeley.

There was a lot of concern about Shapiro’s appearance last night due to the recent propensity for riots to break out around the school in response to conservative figures. People were concerned that Shapiro’s free speech would be infringed upon by violent protesters, but fortunately, the Daily Wire editor didn’t experience any kind of major interruption during his lecture.

When Bill Hemmer asked Goldberg for his thoughts, they both noted about how much the university had to pay in security costs to make sure things would stay under control. Goldberg also snarked about how Berkeley has promised therapy and counseling to any student disturbed by the stresses of the school’s free speech week.

“This is part of how university presidents and administrators help keep these kids as infants,” Goldberg said. “Speech is never violent. Speech may be something the sissy boys on campus might not like. It might hurt their feelings, but speech is not violence.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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