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Bernie Sanders Calls for Wisconsin to Postpone 2020 Primary: ‘We Don’t Want People to Have to Risk Their Lives’

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said Wisconsin should join the other states that have postponed their 2020 primaries in light of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Sanders gave an interview to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday, who asked him about how Wisconsin still plans to hold their primary on April 7 despite public safety concerns from the lack of social distancing. Sanders answered that America remains in “a very crazy situation,” and that postponement is a “pretty obvious” call for Wisconsin after how many primaries were suspended.

“We don’t want people to have to risk their lives in order to cast a vote,” Sanders said. “That’s a dangerous situation. Let’s, if we can avoid that, avoid it.”

Sanders went on from there by calling for states to allow mail-in voting, and he continued to insist he still has a viable path to the Democratic nomination despite the uphill battle he faces for delegates against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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