Bill Maher Compares Bernie Sanders’ Loss to Bush v. Gore

One of the biggest stories at this past week’s Democratic National Convention was the smoother-than-expected, yet still occasionally bumpy, landing of the Bernie Sanders plane. On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher helped to illustrate part of why that landing was as difficult as it was when he praised Sen. Sanders for his graciousness by comparing him to former Vice President and 2000 presidential election winner/loser Al Gore.

“You are a warrior, sir, and the hardest thing for a warrior to do is to fall on his sword,” Maher told Sanders, whom he was interviewing via satellite on the patented Real Time Phantom Zone Cam™.

“But you did, you have come in line with the idea that we have just two choices,” Maher added, before comparing Sanders’ lengthy road to concession with Al Gore’s decision not to fight the Supreme Court decision that awarded the presidency to George W. Bush:

Gore, of course, won the popular vote against George W. Bush in 2000, and by many accounts would have won a recount of Florida had it been allowed to proceed. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, came close to beating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but by every metric, he lost fair and square. It is that sense of Gore-like grievance that has fueled Sanders’ most persistently rebellious supporters.

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