Bill Maher: George Clooney Calling for Boycott of Sultan of Brunei’s Hotels Is ‘Chickensh*t Tokenism’


This week George Clooney called for a boycott of several hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei over the law being implemented that will punish anyone engaging in gay sex with death by stoning.

Bill Maher last night said this bothers him because “it’s chickenshit tokenism.”

“What about Saudi Arabia?” he asked. “If you really want to get back at them, stop driving. Don’t use oil.”

Andrew Sullivan added, “The nice thing about a free society is that you can have a political life and then you can have your actual life… We can put politics in its place and we shouldn’t be dictating our lives like a religion according to the dictates of wokeness.”

S.E. Cupp agreed with Maher that it’s hypocritical, bringing up how Hollywood does “a ton of business” in the United Arab Emirates.

Sullivan said it’s just “virtue signaling”––which Maher agreed with––and even added that “it’s like that whole Rachel Maddow smug thing.”

You can watch above, via HBO.

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