Bill Maher Reacts to NYT Bombshell: The 25th Amendment Was Written For Trump!


Before closing his show Friday night, Bill Maher presented the case why President Donald Trump has “narcissistic personality disorder” in the wake of the latest New York Times bombshell report.

It was reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made an attempt to organize the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment against the president during the fallout of his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Rosenstein had also suggested to secretly record Trump in the process.

Well, Maher offered his own analysis:

“Now that the 25th Amendment, the one about removing a president who’s incapacitated, keeps popping up in the news, someone has to explain to me if it was written specifically for this guy, then who is it for?” Maher asked his audience. “I know that everyone knows by now that Trump is a narcissist, but we have to stop treating that like it’s an unfortunate personality tick and start treating it like what it is: a serious, dangerous, mental illness.”

The Real Time host argued that all of Trump’s “flaws” are actually “outgrowths from one thing.”

“If there was a nutrition label on his ass, it would say ‘35% fat’ and ‘65% Narcissistic Personality Disorder,'” Maher quipped. “It all comes from that!”

His list of reasons why Maher gave the president such a diagnosis includes “no empathy,” he’s a “traitor,” “corrupt,” his “‘like me’ diplomacy,'” and that he’s “stupid.”

“Narcissism makes you unteachable. You can’t correct him because that would mean he was wrong! And that’s impossible!” Maher continued. “Trump’s brain is like a cellphone with a full mailbox. You can call, but you can’t leave a message.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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