GOP Challenger Bill Weld Says Trump has ‘Blood on His Hands’: ‘Direct Line’ From Manifesto to ‘Trump Handbook’


Bill Weld, the Republican running a longshot campaign challenging President Donald Trump in the GOP primary, ripped the president this week for his “hate speech” and “racist rants” after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

On MSNBC tonight, Chris Matthews asked, “The Republican has had a record on race. It certainly started pretty well with Lincoln. It was pretty good with W, who was very good about getting Hispanic voters to vote for him. Up to 40%. 44 down there in Texas. Let’s just talk about this president and Latinos. He doesn’t seem to want them in his brood, in his party.”

Weld said in response:

“I think that’s absolutely right. And there’s no longer any doubt that the president has blood on his hands. You could draw a direct line from that manifesto of the shooter in El Paso to the Trump handbook. Every week it seems the president gets a bit more unhinged.”

He said if Trump gets “more and more unhinged,” the president “is going to go down big-time in 2020, and I say this with mixed feelings at best, but he’s going to take a lot of the Republican Party in Washington with him.”

Matthews also brought up Tucker Carlson downplaying concerns about white supremacy, asking, “So governor, 22 people are dead because of a hoax?”

Weld said, “So that reminded me of the president saying the opposite of what is true. And I think, you know, the president can’t deny that in the 2016 election, he beamed out images of George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. Most people didn’t know who that was. But those skinheads, those white supremacists, those neo-Nazis, they knew damn well who it was and they took to it the dog whistle to them that it was. And he’s never stopped. He’s never stopped.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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