Bret Baier Presses John Bolton: ‘Don’t You Feel Some Responsibility’ Because You Didn’t ‘Pipe Up’ Sooner?


Fox News’ Bret Baier confronted John Bolton in a lengthy interview Tuesday night on a number of subjects, including the fact he fought efforts to testify in the impeachment inquiry and is now criticizing the Democrats’ “impeachment malpractice.”

Baier brought up the criticism Bolton has received both from the right and the left, particularly from Trump administration officials and Democrats frustrated he didn’t voluntarily come forward sooner to share what he knew with investigators.

Adam Schiff in particular said Bolton “indicts himself for cowardice and for greed,” citing other administration officials who came forward.

“Democrats would say why didn’t you step up back then?” Baier asked.

Bolton said the Democrats embarked on a “catastrophically wrong” impeachment strategy driven by politics to go after the president as fast as they could.

“The reality of history is… the only way we have a real chance at impeachment and conviction is through a bipartisan process,” he added.

Baier pointed out that Bolton’s book says there were other impeachable offenses and that he said he would’ve voted to convict.

“Don’t you feel some responsibility now that you’re saying he should have been impeached for other things but you never piped up?” Baier asked.

“I’m not saying he should have been impeached, I’m saying there’s a lot of reprehensible conduct, not all of which was impeachable,” Bolton said before reiterating his criticisms of the strategy the Democrats pursued.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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