comScore Brian Stelter Says Audience May Not Care Sarah Sanders Isn't Holding Briefings: She 'Just Lies Anyway'

Brian Stelter Says CNN Audience May Not Care Sanders Isn’t Holding Briefings Anymore Because She ‘Just Lies Anyway’

CNN host Brian Stelter noted that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders hasn’t held a briefing in 69 days, but said his audience might wonder “what’s the point” of holding briefings since Sanders “just lies anyway.”

On Sunday’s edition of Reliable Sources, Stelter interviewed former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart about Sanders’ failure to hold daily briefings, a drought that has lasted over two months.

“This is an unprecedented drought,” Stelter said, reading off Sanders’ stats. “69 days, more than 2 months, since Sarah Sanders last held in official press briefing. Sometimes, she does answer a few questions outside the White House after a hit on Fox, but she has stopped doing what used to be a big part of the press secretary’s job.”

He then introduced Lockhart, and said “I think our viewers might be thinking, ‘But Sarah Sanders just lies anyway, what’s the point of a briefing?'”

“Well, even if she just lies, she will lie on camera, and she will lie on tape, and you will have it for history and posterity,” Lockhart said, and added “But also, the questions matter. The White House has been able to cancel, through canceling the briefings, just slide by on a lot of things.”

“For instance, the president tweeted this morning about the Republican congressman who basically called for his impeachment. Justin Amash, Basically saying if he read the report he would know this,” Lockhart continued. “well, no one has asked the president’s press secretary if the president has read the report, and been able to go into questions, what what is he think about page 123.”

“So the questions do matter, and it does matter, and I think in a much broader ssense, the briefing was a way for the public to stay engaged with the White House,” Lockhart said. “It was away for the people to, if they wanted to, tune in every day and say the White House has an answer for, not just what the president’s doing, but what the entire administration is doing, and the rest of the administration is getting away with a lot of stuff that doesn’t get surfaced because the briefings don’t happen anymore.”

Sanders was last seen at the podium conducting an off-the-record briefing with children in April, and before that, being pressed about her lack of briefings at a briefing in March.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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